Meet The Board of Directors and Advisor

Sam Ali

Chairman & CTO

Founder and Chairman of TSM, the first Independent Design House for Smartphones in Indonesia. Leads technological development and strategic direction of the company. Mr Sam is also acknowledged by Indonesian government and often asked for advise by government official for technology roadmap planning. Decades of industry experience, co-owner of IDEA International Ltd. (HK), a full-fledged Smartphone Design House in China with strong portfolio of customers in China and Overseas. Mr Sam was also former VP of DirectWave (USA). He earner his MBA from California State University.

Yovita Bellina

President Director, Director of Corporate Affairs

Co-founder of TSM. Oversees strategic direction of the company, compliance, and government relationships. Chairlady of Board of Directors. In-house regulation experts and close relationship with government officials. Decades of experience in the Smartphone and Mobile Payment industry. Expert in Regulatory and Government Strategic Engagement. Experienced in Mobile Payment solutions and ecosystem, including Security and Home Automation Devices


Co-Founder, Chief of Commercial & Sales

Co-founder of TSM Technology, Smartphone Ecosystem/Design House. Leads operations of the company. Formerly Regional Product Lead at Intel Corporation for Notebook, Smartphone and Tablet development, responsible for driving mobile devices penetration in Asia Pacific, working with Shenzhen China Tech Ecosystem. Prior to Intel, Riswanto worked as Design & Test Engineer for RFICs and Mixed-Signal Front End chips at Analog Devices in Boston, USA. Holds MSc in Operations Management from Columbia University and BSc in Electrical Engineering from University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign

Dr. Jack Hsu

Chief Strategy Officer

Dr. Hsu was formerly VP with Foxconn (Feb 1998 – Sept 2008), responsible for global product development/ R&D, technology development, and new business development in cellular devices. He is also leading a development team for futuristic technology to align with customer & market expectation. Dr. Hsu has intensive china experience since he established the 1st core R&D team to support customer demand. He also established early supplier involvement team in Denmark, UK, Finland to development product concurrently with customer's milestone. Dr. Hsu received his Ph.D degree in Mechanical Engineering and MSc. in Operation Management and Manufacturing System from University of Nottingham, UK. He is currently a freelance consultant for various industries.

ODM Solutions

Products can be delivered as finished good made in Indonesia for all local and international brands.

Design House (IDH)

One-stop solution as TSM provides identity, PCBA, mechanical, software and user experience design services, including Applications bundling.

Project Delivery & EMS

Diligent supply chain, project and quality control management at our production facilities or EMS of your choice for semi or complete knocked down assembly. Deployment services include component import arrangements, POSTEL, and local content certifications.

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TSM was the first Indonesia company who pioneered the first 4G smartphone made in Indonesia, and are curently developing and promoting the new 4G Candy bar Smartphones that are extremely low cost, supporting fingerprint and NFC as options.
TKDN Awards TKDN Awards
The highest local content award from ICT Ministry of Indonesia

TSM History in Indonesia

  • 2012

    We start our company on the belief that Indonesian talents can design and create next generation mobile technologies.


    The future of education is bright through mobile. TSM is committed to technology that push the boundaries of education and empower today’s children.

  • JAN 2014

    Opened our R&D Lab in Bandung

  • APR 2014

    Setup of our TSM SKD assembly line in Batam.

  • JUL 2014

    TSM’s IVO V5 Launched in collaboration with PT. Internux (Operator).


    TSM Technologies has received much support from the Indonesian Ministry of ICT, Ministry of of Industry and the Ministry of Trade.

  • DEC 2014

    TSM Technologies announced readiness to produce 4G LTE smartphones for all bandwidths, both TDD and FDD. The announcement was endorsed by Mr. Ignatius Warsito, Director of ICT, Ministry of Industry (centre) and Mr. Mantosh Malhotra, Regional Head of Qualcomm for South East Asia and Pacific (right).